Frequently Asked Questions


There is a wide range of micro-jobs that you can do with our app. Here are some examples:

  • Identify and localize object on images
  • Record short videos & audio, take images of your environment
  • Rate the content of images and text
  • Give your opinion on new products
  • Translate sentences
  • Review annotation work

Whether you will be offered a micro-job or not can depend on many factors. Some of the factors are your location, your phone, the results of qualifications, your experience, your reputation, your skills and many more. We are continuously adding more micro-jobs and job providers to our platform.

Our app sends you notifications when there are new micro-jobs available or when micro-jobs can only be done in a short time span. You will be able to pickup more micro-jobs when you turn on notifications.

We have a Facebook group which you can join to ask questions, share your experience and help us improving our app. You can also leave us some feedback through the app or on this website.

Until now our app works only with a Facebook account. There will be other login options in the near future.

Your work is usually reviewed by job providers or other workers with a high reputation. The job provider can reject your work or give you another chance to redo the work if it was not executed as instructed. You will always get written feedback from the job provider if your work is not accepted to improve yourself. Pay attention to the deadline when you are requested to redo a job. 

Please report the bug to our team via direct message or in our Facebook community. We are very grateful for helpful bug reports and also reward them.

Payments & TAxes

We are a market place for mobile micro-jobs on which job providers offer you a reward for taking their micro-jobs. You will receive the reward after you successfully completed the micro-job and the job provider accepted your work. We recommend job providers to target an effective compensation equal to the average wage when hiring a person with the same skillset in the respective region.

You can request a payout once you reach an account balance of $10.

These are charity micro-jobs which can only be offered by early-stage startups and non-profit organizations. You can donate your time and help them to achieve their social goal.

Balance in review means that the job provider still needs to accept your work until you finally get the reward for a job. There is a maximum review time of 14 days. When the review time expires your work gets automatically approved and you get your reward.

Whether you need to pay income taxes and how much depends on your personal situation. When using our mobile crowd-working platform you agree to be solely responsible for any taxation obligations. 

The credit note is automatically send to you via email once we have send the money to you. Payment service providers and banks sometimes take up to a few days to process the payment. A payment may even be declined by a bank or payment service provider. Please send us a notification if you have not received the payment five days after receiving the credit note.